Posted on July 13, 2022 at 7:36 pm

Nineteen years after I started writing 13 with Dan Elish, I have the flabbergasting joy of presenting to you… the trailer for the Netflix motion picture “13: The Musical,” which begins airing on August 12!

In this trailer, you get to see all of our teen stars – Eli Golden, Gabriella Uhl, Jonathan Lengel, JD McCrary, Frankie McNellis, Lindsey Blackwell – and so many of our amazing supporting cast – I see Ramon Reed, Nolan Dubuc, Luke Islam, Willow Moss, and if I freeze-frame, I can see Shechinah Mpumlwana, Khiyla Aynne, Kayleigh Cerezo and Liam Wignall – not to mention the grown-ups we allowed to enter our story, the wonderful Debra Messing, Rhea Perlman, Peter Hermann and Yeshiva boy Josh Peck. And all two minutes are set to the music of the opening number, “13,” produced and arranged by Harvey Mason and his team.

You also get a taste of Jamal Sims’s absolutely fantastic choreography, not to mention Tamra Davis’s beautiful direction, and of course some of Robert Horn’s trademark wisecracks.

You’re gonna be hearing a lot about 13 from me in the next month, but right now you can get the party started by listening to the opening number in full from the soundtrack album, soon to be released on Atlantic/Sh-K-Boom Records! Click here to get “13,” as sung by our amazing motion picture cast, right now!