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Monthly Archives: May 2010



A really fun sold-out show tonight at the Roustabout Theatre’s home in the Wells Fargo Center in Santa Rosa, CA. Amy Ryder sang even more beautifully than she did twenty years ago when I first met her, and the kids in the Apprentice Program did a fantastic job with some very difficult music. One more show tomorrow (Sunday) at 3 pm! Details here. It was tough putting the set list together for this one because the choir had learned five songs and two of them were opening numbers and three of them were finales! I think I came up withRead More »

JRB Is Coming To Santa Rosa Again!


Stop kvetching! It’s a beautiful day in May, and I’ve got concerts coming up! The fantastic and enterprising Roustabout Theater in Santa Rosa, California, is bringing me out for a fun-filled weekend, and I hope you’ll come join us! On Saturday, MAY 22 at 7:30 pm and Sunday, MAY 23 at 3 pm, I’ll be taking the stage at the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts with a choir from the Roustabout Apprentice Program as well as my old friend and muse, AMY RYDER. We’ll be doing lots of stuff from all of my shows, as well as a wholeRead More »



There are days when I’m feeling sort of unappreciated and frustrated by the business and now when I have those days, I will have the majesty of Seth. Señor Rudetsky, you are my Hebrew hero.