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Monthly Archives: October 2006



This week marks the first time since May of 2001 that I’ve had a new show go into rehearsal for a production. In the five and a half years since Norbert and Lauren started working on “The Last Five Years,” I’ve been through a lot: professionally, I did “Urban Cowboy,” released a solo album, performed about a hundred concerts, conducted orchestras all over the world, wrote a piano sonata, and started teaching at USC; and personally, I got married, had a beautiful baby girl, moved to Italy, moved again to Los Angeles, and, just three weeks ago, I lost myRead More »

Concert review: “Many shades of Brown, all delight” (Toronto Star, 10/17/06)


Many shades of Brown all delight Oct. 17, 2006. 06:56 AM RICHARD OUZOUNIAN THEATRE CRITIC The phrase “triple threat” has become so overused in show-business circles that it’s great to encounter someone who truly deserves it. Jason Robert Brown rocked the walls of the Glenn Gould Studio last night with a performance so filled with energy, guts and emotion that to say the near-capacity audience was blown away would be an understatement. Brown is the composer-lyricist of such first-rate musicals as The Last Five Years and Parade, but he’s also a pianist of rare skill and a vocalist who possessesRead More »

The JRB October Newsletter!


[As always, you can get this newsletter delivered straight to your mailbox if you subscribe using the handy-dandy box on the home page of this site.] I shouldn’t be noticing the changing of the leaves or the chill in the air, I shouldn’t be aware of the sharp edge on the wind, I should be happily oblivious to all of that because I live in Los Angeles where the seasons never really change, but instead I am unexpectedly here in New York, so I get the ambiguous joy of watching autumn coming in, and I get to sit at aRead More »