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Monthly Archives: November 2007

Reviews for Lauren Kennedy’s “Here and Now” (on PS Classics)


More information about Lauren and her brand new album is available on! To purchase Lauren’s album, click here and now! Firstly, Steven Suskin’s full article here. Lauren Kennedy: Here and Now [PS-752] Review by Steven Suskin,, 11 November 2007 If Ms. Clark’s album is introspective, Lauren Kennedy’s “Here and Now” is bright and lively. “Here I Am” (from Dirty Rotten Scoundrels) sets the tone, and the pace never lets up. Kennedy is lesser known than Clark; her big Broadway break was as one of the stars of The Rhythm Club, which didn’t make it to Broadway. That sheRead More »

The JRB November ’07 Newsletter!


Click that subscribe button, people! You know you want to! Good day, citizens! It is I, Jason Robert Brown, one of your few entertainment options that’s not currently on strike. I would be if I could, but I’m my own employer and that’s awkward. So here I am, back in business at the ol’ ranch, and I wanted to tell you about all the exciting JRB-osity that’s coming your way. Firstly, I have to congratulate my two friends on their sensational new CD’s: Lauren Kennedy, the golden-throated thrush, has released her second album, Here and Now, on the PS ClassicsRead More »



[Hail, fine people. This entry is old and has now been superseded by another entry. If you want more information about auditioning for “13”, then go hither and follow the instructions therein.] You’ve heard about my new show, 13. You’ve heard rumbles that there’s going to be a Broadway production. You’ve listened to the songs on my website. You’ve read the incredible reviews from the LA production. You’re between 11 and 17 years old, or you’re the parent of an extraordinarily talented 11-through-17-year-old. You think this show is everything you’ve ever dreamed of and you want to arrange an audition.Read More »