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Monthly Archives: June 2011



As you can read in the news feature I posted yesterday, the CD of The Trumpet of the Swan: A Novel Symphony is now available for purchase and download. I’m so thrilled that people are getting to hear and fall in love with this story. One of my favorite movements to write was the section when Louis the Swan checks into the Ritz-Carlton in Philadelphia. During the course of the scene, he walks around the room switching the lights on and off, then he calls room service and orders a watercress sandwich, then he reads a newspaper article about himselfRead More »

New interview posted on


I met Marc Acito (the “gay Dave Barry,” apparently) in 1981 when he was the star of Candide at French Woods. I was 11 and idolized him. He’s since gone off to be a guy who writes fantastic things, and I’ve gotten 30 years older. He asked if he interview me for Brisa Trinchero’s blog,, and here’s what we ended up with: Musical Moment Interview Series: Jason Robert Brown | Make Musicals The subject of today’s interview, Jason Robert Brown, requires no introduction. In fact, as a Make Musicals reader, I would be shocked if a quick scan ofRead More »

THE TRUMPET OF THE SWAN now available on CD!


Four years ago, the Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Marsha Norman asked me to write the music for a symphonic adaptation of E.B. White‘s classic novel The Trumpet of the Swan. And so began the most joyful, most completely satisfying project I’ve ever been involved with. Earlier this year, I went into EastWest Studio in Los Angeles with 40 of the best session players in town and our two amazing soloists, Christopher Michael Venditti on trumpet and Randy Landau on fretless bass, and recorded the score to what Marsha and I call our “novel symphony.” Then, last month, I got to workRead More »