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Monthly Archives: May 2020

IN THE TIME OF…, a new song


I’ve found it punishingly hard to write music during these last nine weeks (nine weeks!), but I did manage to do this, a tribute to the great Bucky Pizzarelli and all the extraordinary jazz musicians lost to the coronavirus. Many thanks to the folks at Local 802 for asking me to create something, and to Pete Donovan for putting the video together (and beautifully laying down the bass), as well as all the musicians who contributed: Jamie Eblen (drums), Monica Davis (violin and viola), Janet Axelrod (flute), Lynne Cohen (English horn), Elise Frawley (viola), Kyle Hoyt (French horn), Morris KainumaRead More »



First we canceled the March show. We had planned a really beautiful show with Ashley Perez Flanagan, Zonya Love Johnson and Marcus Paul James for March 16, but then the social distancing order came down and all the performing spaces had to close. And we knew that, for the foreseeable future, that was the end of that. There wasn’t much time to dwell on it, really – Georgia and I were too busy getting the girls’ distance-learning set up and making sure we had the groceries and supplies we needed, figuring out what we had in the bank and whetherRead More »