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Monthly Archives: December 2008

The JRB Holiday 2008 Newsletter!


Hellobama and Happy Holidays to you all! I’ve just returned from the East Coast, where we had a triumphant premiere for The Trumpet of the Swan at the Kennedy Center, plus Georgia and I got to go to the Kennedy Center Honors, which was the most surreal event I’ve ever attended. You can check out our reviews on my website, and also listen to a swell story from All Things Considered, where Andrea Seabrook interviews me, Richard Thomas and Marsha Norman. As you may have heard by now, the celebrated Broadway production of 13 is closing on January 4, soRead More »



I’m all set to return to regular blogging after this insane year, but the season calls for a special entry: The JRB Holiday Gift List! (Of course you don’t really need this list, since you’ve already done all your holiday shopping. Right?) The true JRB fanatic wouldn’t want to live without these fantastic bits of memorabilia, so hunt that person down and show him or her how much you care. The best possible gift would be tickets to 13, currently finishing out its run at the Jacobs Theatre on Broadway! There are lots of great discount offers available, such asRead More »

Review: “The Trumpet of the Swan” (Baltimore Sun, 12/5/08)


Tim Smith’s classical music column can be seen here, along with a nice picture of Richard Thomas from the performance. Guest review: Premiere of ‘Trumpet of the Swan’ My colleague, Mary Carole McCauley, checked out a new production in Washington last night. Here’s her report: The production of The Trumpet of the Swan currently running at the Kennedy Center sets the gold standard for children’s productions. So, why is it running for just three days? This world premiere boasts an all-star cast, including Oscar winner Kathy Bates, character film actor Fred Willard, and Richard Thomas, best-known as the former JohnRead More »

JRB on NPR’s “All Things Considered”


White’s ‘Trumpet Of The Swan’ Debuts On Stage All Things Considered, December 7, 2008 · The E.B. White children’s book The Trumpet of the Swan has been adapted for the stage, and it received its world premiere at The Kennedy Center in Washington this past week. Actor Richard Thomas, writer Marsha Norman and composer Jason Robert Brown talk to Andrea Seabrook. Click here to listen!

Review: “The Trumpet of the Swan” (Washington Post, 12/6/08)


Nelson Pressley’s review here. Sublime Symphonic ‘Swan’ Answers the Call of the Beguiled By Nelson Pressley Special to The Washington Post Saturday, December 6, 2008; Page C01 Expect a long life for “The Trumpet of the Swan,” the new narrated symphony for kids that premiered Thursday night at the Kennedy Center. The adaptation of E.B. White’s children’s book is in the tradition of Prokofiev’s “Peter and the Wolf,” and this lushly scored work will send you home with a helpless, contented smile on your face. Catch one of today’s final three performances if you can, for the Kennedy Center isRead More »