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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Natalie Weiss EP, featuring new JRB song, released on iTunes!


Click here to purchase Natalie Weiss’s debut EP on iTunes! Broadway actress and YouTube sensation, Natalie Weiss, is set to release her debut recording, Natalie Weiss EP. The seven-track EP features Natalie covering an eclectic mix of popular tunes, including “Only Hope” and “Water Runs Dry”. An original song, written exclusively for the recording by Broadway composer/lyricist Jason Robert Brown, is also included. Matt Hinkley provides music supervision and direction for the EP. The Natalie Weiss EP is available for purchase on iTunes, beginning today, December 31, 2010. Hard copies of the recording become available for purchase through “Friends ofRead More »

The JRB Happy New Year 2011 Newsletter!


The end of 2010 is upon us, friends, and so I take this opportunity to reflect on the past year and to spread good news for the future! The past twelve months have seen the usual berserk whirlwind of activity in JRB-land: I produced and played on tracks for Stuart Matthew Price, Kevin Odekirk, and Natalie Weiss; I directed a play by one of my writing heroes; played a concert version of The Last Five Years at East-West Players in L.A.; taught two semesters at USC; had a fantastic week of concerts at Birdland with Anika Noni Rose; and didRead More »



Just in time for Christmas, a jam-packed bonus overstuffed edition of “Ask JRB!” Last week, while en route to a writing retreat on St. Barth’s (because I’m fancy, that’s why) I tweeted, “It’s time for a blog, and I’m sitting doing nothing on an airplane, so I could write it now, but I can’t decide what to write. You tell me.” Here’s some of the things you all wrote back. Zach Zadek writes: Did you weave the Songs for a New World theme into the music after you wrote it? Or was it in them originally? The “New World” theme,Read More »



This doesn’t happen often, but every once in a while, I’ll completely get lost while I’m performing a number, and I have to make a decision very quickly about whether to move on and pretend it didn’t happen or stop and apologize. In this case, you’ll see, I did neither. After a similar experience at another show of mine, a friend asked me if all that stuff really goes through my head while I’m playing. The answer is: ALL THE TIME.