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Monthly Archives: March 2012



On March 31, the amazing Anika Noni Rose will join me and a blazing eight-piece band for a one-night-only blowout at the gorgeous BROAD STAGE in Santa Monica! Anika and I did this concert for two sold-out nights in London’s West End, then for three incredible evenings at the Abrons Arts Center in New York City (taped for a PBS broadcast later this year!), and now we’re so excited to bring it to my adopted homeland. This concert on March 31 is my only scheduled show in the Los Angeles area this year, and I’m hoping you’ll come join us.Read More »



From The Trumpet of the Swan, adapted by Marsha Norman from the novel by E.B. White: NARRATOR And then, on the last day before the boats were taken out of the water for the winter, a Western Union messenger boy arrived with a telegram for Louie. It said: MAN CAN OFFER YOU FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS A WEEK FOR NIGHTCLUB SPOT. TEN-WEEK ENGAGEMENT. PLEASE REPLY. ABE “LUCKY” LUCAS, HOTEL NEMO. PHILADELPHIA. NARRATOR Louie did some quick figuring. Five hundred dollars a week for ten weeks – that was five thousand dollars. That would easily pay his father’s debt to the musicRead More »



So I had this friend. An old girlfriend, actually, who is now (I swear this is true) a Christian missionary who serves mostly in Thailand. And last night she posted, as her Facebook status, a statement supporting Kirk Cameron and his ignorant, hateful anti-gay, anti-gay-marriage rhetoric. It’s not all that surprising, I guess – she’s a Christian missionary, after all – but I hadn’t seen her post stuff like that before. I don’t want to see that shit come up on my news feed, honestly, and really, I don’t need to be friends with anyone who, forty-some years into thisRead More »



A wild and wacky night at the Woodland Opera House! Apparently all of this traveling is catching up with me – I didn’t put together the set list before the show, so I was just winging it for most of the night, and that turns out not to be the best way to put a concert together. Thank you, fine people of Woodland, for putting up with my thrilling memory lapses and endless blather. Lesson of the night: If you decide on the spot to do a song that you haven’t even thought about in two years, don’t be surprisedRead More »