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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Concert review: “‘Spielberg of musical theater’ rocks Cabaret” (Indianapolis Examiner, 10/18/11)


Tom Alvarez’s review here. ‘Spielberg of musical theater’ rocks Cabaret By Tom Alvarez, Indianapolis Performing Arts Examiner October 18, 2011 “He’s the Spielberg of musical theater,” said managing and artistic director Shannon Forsell when she introduced composer, lyricist and playwright Jason Robert Brown at Friday’s opening night of a two-day run of The Jason Robert Brown Songbook at the Cabaret at the Columbia Club in downtown Indianapolis. Forsell was quoting one of the many young people present who came to see Brown, who also is often compared to the man who inspired him, Broadway icon Stephen Sondheim. Brown also isRead More »



Mostly the same songs as last night, but with one significant difference. Before the show, Sho and I were told that some members of the previous night’s audience were disappointed not to hear “Stars and the Moon.” Now, I like to make the audience happy, but we did a two-hour show with eighteen songs, we can’t do everything, for God’s sakes, we’re not machines, what do they want from me, I’m giving my blood and sweat up there… Blah blah blah, I was getting all sensitive and defensive, and Sho said, “Dude, I know it, let’s do it.” (She actuallyRead More »



My first concert in about six months, and what a pleasure to do it in front of a sold-out house here at the Columbia Club, and with Shoshana Bean singing so gorgeously all night. Thanks to Lee Lessack for setting us up with this swell gig, and thanks to Shannon Forsell and Anne Miller for taking such great care of us! All Things In Time (Shoshana) I Could Be In Love With Someone Like You Long Long Road And I Will Follow (Shoshana) King of the World Still Hurting (Shoshana) Another Life from The Bridges of Madison County (Shoshana) WonderingRead More »



At some point last night, I reached 13,000 followers on Twitter. What makes that particular number extra cool is that the day I hit 13,000 is three years to the day from 13‘s opening night on Broadway, October 5, 2008! 13 and 13,000? Right? ADMIT IT, IT’S COOL. I have to admit that 13,000 feels like an awful lot of people, especially since I still don’t know exactly what I’m supposed to do with Twitter in the first place. But I am grateful that those thirteen thousand people apparently have some interest in whatever inanities I tweet, and therefore todayRead More »