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Monthly Archives: September 2007

Parade Preview: “The Next Andrew Lloyd Webber?” (What’s On Stage, September 2007)


I couldn’t loathe the headline more, but here’s a tantalizing excerpt from an interview, at any rate. (There are instructions for downloading the entire magazine at the bottom of the link above.) First preview tomorrow night! The Next Andrew Lloyd Webber? 10th September 2007 by Roger Foss Musicals are everywhere. But where are the new writers? And why aren’t they more famous? Roger Foss asks US composer Jason Robert Brown as his Parade comes to London. ———————— Attacking the growth of “pretty ghastly” West End musical revivals last year, lyricist Tim Rice asked: “Where is a single young team orRead More »



Chris Goss writes: I am currently at the beginning of my career as a television writer. You spoke at my college several years back, California State University, Fullerton, and I found a tremendous amount of honesty in how you addressed both the performers and the audience. My question pertains to how success has changed you as an artist. As a young writer my goal is to achieve the seemingly impossible: actually get paid a wage to write something that more than my friends and family will read, watch and ultimately be affected by. That drive often layers directly into myRead More »