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Monthly Archives: July 2008

“13” Announces Dates!


Preview September 16, open October 5. Don’t take my word for it. Here’s Michael Kuchwara’s interview with our producer, Bob Boyett, from the San Francisco Chronicle: ’13’ explores the anxiety filled early teen years By MICHAEL KUCHWARA, AP Drama Writer Monday, July 28, 2008 (07-28) 09:17 PDT NEW YORK, (AP) They sing a litany of questions: “Why is the world feeling suddenly stranger, why are my friends acting totally weird, why do I feel like my life is in danger, why do I feel like my brain disappeared.” It’s the anxiety filled teenage years of 13, A New Musical, openingRead More »

The “13” Website Is Live!


Check it out, y’alls, the producers of 13 on Broadway have launched the first version of the Official Website. There’s a video of the title song, there’s rehearsal footage from Connecticut, there’s information about how to buy tickets and lots of other saucy goodies., homies! That’s what I’m talking about!



[Updates are at the bottom of this post!] Summer has poured out and spread over Manhattan like pancake syrup. I sit at the piano in a sublet apartment on the Upper West Side with the air conditioner blasting in vain. I am trying to write a song about a football game. I have spent the last three summers trying to write a song about a football game. I couldn’t care less about football. My mind keeps skittering away from the page, my hands slapping away reflexively at the piano keys even though I’m not paying any attention. The sun rises,Read More »

The JRB July ’08 Newsletter


I’m back! For just a second, really. We start rehearsals for the Broadway production of “13” on August 4, with a sensational cast and an amazing band, and previews start at the Jacobs Theater on September 16 with an opening date of October 5! So I’ve been told. You can’t buy tickets yet because everything in life is complicated, especially if I’m involved. But soon, all mysteries will be revealed! However, while you’re waiting to buy your ticket for the show, might I suggest that the teens and tweens among you might enjoy reading a fine new novel by myselfRead More »



I’ve maxed out my Facebook account. I had heard that it was possible to do this, but I didn’t really think it would happen. The other night, I logged in, saw that I had four more Friend requests, and it wouldn’t let me approve them because I already had five thousand Friends. The ceiling is 5,000, which seems like a fairly arbitrary ceiling to me, but there it is and there’s not much within Facebook-land that I can do about it. Which presents several dilemmas, none of which seem immediately solvable. I’m capitalizing the word Friend because I am notRead More »