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Monthly Archives: July 2007

The JRB July ’07 Newsletter


Hey there, JRBites and JRBanians! It’s been over two months, and some of you were starting to get concerned, so here is a quick update on what’s goin’ down in JRB-land! To answer the most common question: What’s going on with 13? Lawyers, lawyers, lawyers. Really. You remember that joke about how many lawyers it takes to change a light bulb? I now know the real answer. But the light is visible at the end of this particular tunnel, and I think by the end of this month, I’ll have some really exciting news for you about the next step.Read More »



Sometimes on long flights, the person sitting next to me will notice that I’m editing music on my computer and ask what sort of music I write or something like that, and after I explain that I write musicals, that person will inevitably ask, “Oh, anything I’ve heard of?”, and I’ll smile and say that it’s pretty unlikely. But then what often happens is that some other person on the plane, usually in their late teens or early twenties, will nervously come over to my seat and ask me to sign an autograph. At which point, I have to explainRead More »

Full Casting Announced for Parade at the Donmar


It’s so cool, people. Lara Pulver (who starred in The Last Five Years at the Menier Chocolate Factory last year) and Jayne Wisener (who’s playing Johanna in the Sweeney Todd movie) and Shaun Escoffery (who’s basically a rock star, for God’s sake) and opera star Steven Page, led by a really exciting newcomer, Bertie Carvel. I’m heading over in two weeks to start rehearsal, and I couldn’t be more excited about it! Here, go read about it. Full Casting Announced for Donmar Parade By John Nathan 19 Jul 2007 Full casting has been announced for the London premiere of JasonRead More »