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Monthly Archives: June 2006



As some of you will recall, I sent out an e-mail earlier this year in which I asked for your recommendations of new and exciting performers.  I got about four hundred suggestions, many of which were people I’d never heard of.  My stalwart casting director, Mark Simon, and I whittled down the list to a somewhat manageable number, and we included as many of those people as we could in our State Farm singing auditions in April.  Between those suggestions and the requests of the other staff and all the agent submissions, we saw about two hundred fifty people overRead More »



Okay, this officially counts as playing hooky.  I’ve got a song to write for the State Farm show, four vocal arrangements to finish, orchestrations to sketch, a synopsis for another project I’m working on, a new scene for “13” to write, and I’m going to London in a week to work with the “Last Five Years” actors for a couple of days, so I really shouldn’t be taking the time out to do this, but, well… this is so much easier than doing any of those things. Mark Falconer asks: First of all, I love your music, but I thinkRead More »

The Last Five Years in London!


It’s been quite a ride to get to this press release, let me tell you. I am delighted to announce that performances of “The Last Five Years” will begin at the Menier Chocolate Factory on July 18th. Finally, my plan for world domination is coming to fruition! David Babani and Danielle Tarento for Menier Chocolate Factory Productions present The Last Five Years Music and Lyrics by Jason Robert Brown Starring Lara Pulver and Damian Humbley Directed by Mathew White Designed by David Farley Lighting designed by David Howe Music Director Tom Murray Dates July 18th – September 30th Following theRead More »

“Songs for a New World” German premiere!


Vom 11.-13. September 2006 präsentiert die BIG FISH Theatre Productions die deutsche Erstaufführung der Musical Revue SONGS FOR A NEW WORLD von Jason Robert Brown auf dem Museumsschiff Cap San Diego im Hamburger Hafen. Darsteller: Charlotte Heinke, Femke Soetenga, Marc Seitz und Volkan Baydar Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von Amnesty International Deutschland und United in Memory 9/11. Herzlichste Grüße und bis bald an Bord der Cap San Diego, Daniel Witzke Künstlerische Leitung & Produktion BIG FISH Theatre Productions ——————————— BIG FISH Theatre Productions is happy to announce the german premiere of Jason Robert Brown’s Musical Revue SONGS FOR ARead More »



I have, in my time, been somewhat controversial (by the fairly boring standards of Broadway composers), and so I knew trouble was in the air when Melinda Saber asked: What do you think of this year’s Tony noms? but I did watch the show tonight, and I did say I would try to answer whatever you all asked, so rather than just doing my usual pontificating (since I always manage to offend someone I like when I do that), I decided I would respond by making three observations:  1) The awards are set up in such a way that a lotRead More »