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Monthly Archives: August 2006

JRB & the Rhythm Kings in Toronto 10/16!


AN EVENING WITH TONY AWARD WINNING COMPOSER JASON ROBERT BROWN and the Caucasian Rhythm Kings with Special Guests Monday, October 16th, 2006, 8PM at Glenn Gould Studio, Toronto TICKETS NOW AVAILABLE AT OR BY PHONE AT 416.205.5555 Dora Award winning producer Michael Rubinoff and Mark Selby present the Canadian concert debut of TONY AWARD-WINNER JASON ROBERT BROWN on Monday, October 16, 2006, 8PM at Glenn Gould Studio in the CBC Broadcasting Centre, 250 Front Street West. Backed by his band the Caucasian Rhythm Kings, the evening will feature songs from his award winning and internationally performed musicals SONGS FORRead More »



The title of this blog entry is sadly apropos.  I’m way overdue for one of these columns, and even this one will be pathetically truncated, but it’s all I have time for!  Sorry! Anyway, here goes nothin’. Dayeanne Hutton writes: I’m looking forward to auditioning for your new musical “13” and I was wondering what rock songs would be appropriate for teenagers. I really want to be prepared but I’m not very familar with a lot of rock music, yes, I am a musical theatre buff, guilty. JRB says: It depends on which part you’re auditioning for, to be honest,Read More »

The JRB August Newsletter


Hey, if you aren’t on the mailing list, go to the home page and sign up! That way, you’ll get these mostly-monthly newsletters delivered right to your e-mailbox. We don’t share or sell our lists, and we only contact you with JRB-related info, so have no fear that you’ll be attacked by spam. (Well, any more than usual.) Here’s the newsletter dated August 23, 2006:



I’m very excited about “13” these days. We start casting in a couple of weeks, Dan and I have been ripping the script into little pieces, I’m in the middle of two new songs, Todd’s got some amazing ideas about how to stage the horror movie and the football game, we’ve got an incredible set of designers, it’s completely gonna rock! (That’s how the kids talk these days.) Meanwhile, I’ve gotten about forty e-mails exactly like this: Hi, I’m 14 years old and I’ve been performing in theatre since I was 8 years old and have recently starting training withRead More »

The Last Five Years in Melbourne!


[Editorial note: I did not write this press release. I would not write Mars-Venus references. You know me better than that. But I am too lazy to rewrite their press release. So try to ignore the “writing” and just take in the information, which is that there’s a very exciting new production of “The Last Five Years” opening in Melbourne, and hopefully both of my fans there will turn off their computers for eighty minutes and go.] Anyone who has ever wondered about whether men really are from Mars, or if women do come from Venus, will love Melbourne MusicRead More »