Posted on December 17, 2008 at 4:57 pm

Hellobama and Happy Holidays to you all!

I’ve just returned from the East Coast, where we had a triumphant premiere for The Trumpet of the Swan at the Kennedy Center, plus Georgia and I got to go to the Kennedy Center Honors, which was the most surreal event I’ve ever attended. You can check out our reviews on my website, and also listen to a swell story from All Things Considered, where Andrea Seabrook interviews me, Richard Thomas and Marsha Norman.

As you may have heard by now, the celebrated Broadway production of 13 is closing on January 4, so if you haven’t been lucky enough to see it yet, hie thee hence. There’s a wonderful video about the making of the original cast album that you can watch right on the Sh-K-Boom site.

Also on, my first annual Holiday Gift List, for you last-minute showtune shoppers out there.

I’m aiming for a quieter and calmer year in 2009 than the one I’ve just had, so I’ll be in Southern California a lot more of the time, teaching at USC and hanging out with my fantastic family. But there are a couple of concerts coming up, including two at the Covina Center for the Arts (with a masterclass too!), a night at the Stockbridge Theatre in New Hampshire, a week in New York at Birdland, and a very exciting concert in Copenhagen, Denmark! There aren’t a whole lot of details yet, but you can find out some stuff on the Schedule page at

I wish you all a wonderful holiday, and the best possible 2009, and thank you as always for your support! More to come!

Jason Robert Brown