Posted on June 28, 2020 at 4:48 pm

Ordinarily, the International Thespian Festival is a gathering of thousands of theater teens converging on a college campus in the Midwest to geek out about plays and musicals and connect with the rest of the theatrical community in a crazy immersive week of workshops, performances, classes, exhibitions and the occasional unsanctioned midnight Hedwig sing-along.

Such fraternization and festivity was, alas, not a possibility this year, but the show does go on, as we say, and so a Virtual Festival was curated, and I was asked to address the assembled masses.

So now, thanks to the magic of the Internet and my awe-inspiring mastery of iMovie (oops), you can enjoy me, my CoVID hairstyle (which I have since had cut, thank the lord), Everest the Yeti, and two songs that you will never hear in a production of “13.”

More cut songs from “13” can be found here, and you can also read this entry about the character of Archie that I wrote four years ago.