Posted on March 15, 2016 at 6:11 pm

JRB 3.14.16 still 8

A sublime and ridiculous evening at SubCulture with the amazing Ana Gasteyer (whose sensational album I’m Hip is available now on iTunes). Not only did Ana rip our hearts out with her version of 13-year-old teenage angst, she did an amazing Harold Arlen song from her own show, a glorious Buddy Holly/Linda Ronstadt cover, and (egged on by me) basically sight-read the hell out of “Summer in Ohio.” I can’t wait to have Ana come back and do more with that unbelievable voice!

A first: not only did I premiere a brand-new song from a brand-new show (The Connector, which I’m writing with Jonathan Marc Sherman, to be directed by Daisy Prince), but in order to perform it, I stood up and played guitar while I sang. (To be fair, we made sure that the band was loud enough that no one could hear whatever I was playing, but it was a first for me nonetheless, and that song was hella fun to sing.)
JRB Guitar 1

Cover of the month: Easy (Lionel Richie, 1977)
Nothing’s Bigger Than Kong from King Kong (2016)
Shiksa Goddess from The Last Five Years (2002)
Ana Gasteyer: Satan’s Li’l Lamb from Americana (Arlen/Harburg/Mercer, 1932)
Ana Gasteyer: A Summer in Ohio from The Last Five Years (2002)
The Next Big Leap from The Connector (2016)
It All Fades Away from The Bridges of Madison County (2014)
Caravan of Angels from Jason Robert Brown in Concert (2015)
Ana Gasteyer: What It Means To Be A Friend from 13 (2008)
Ana Gasteyer: It Doesn’t Matter Anymore (Paul Anka, 1948)
Fifty Years Long (2015)
Melinda (2015)
Encore: Someone To Fall Back On from Wearing Someone Else’s Clothes (2005)
JRB 3.14.16 still 6
JRB: piano, vocals
Ana Gasteyer: vocals
Randy Landau: electric and acoustic bass
Gary Sieger: electric and acoustic guitars
Justin Goldner: electric and acoustic guitars, ukulele and banjo
Jamie Eblen: drums

Next show: April 23, featuring the amazing Anika Noni Rose! (And horns!)
JRB 3.14.16 still 4