Posted on August 5, 2014 at 1:24 pm

Photo by Georgia Stitt

About a year ago, Marc and Steven Kaplan opened a new venue on the Lower East Side of Manhattan called SubCulture, and it’s exactly the kind of room I love to play – 150 seats, beautiful Steinway piano, great sound system, no drink minimum.  So when Shoshana Bean called me last month to tell me that she was going to be in New York for a very short time but wanted to do a concert with me, I called over there and was so lucky to find a night when the club was available and Sho and I could both do it.

I haven’t had much time to do concerts lately, and I’m still trying to put together enough material for a second solo album, so I’ve slacked off on the performing to a certain extent, but last night was a reminder that I’ve got to push myself to just do it more often.  The joy of making music with that band and those singers in front of that super-hot New York audience – that joy is unsurpassable.  I loved last night’s shows, and I hope to be back at SubCulture soon doing more of them.

In addition to Shoshana, I got to share the stage with the gorgeous Elena Shaddow, who played Francesca in the world premiere of The Bridges of Madison County last summer in Williamstown.  What an exquisite pleasure to sing with her and watch her bring that music to life – I only wish she’d had a better partner to sing with!  Lesson of the night: I can’t really sing “One Second and a Million Miles,” at least not in Pasquale’s key!

Thanks to everyone who showed up, to my sensational band, and to all the great folks at SubCulture who made us feel so much at home.

It All Fades Away (from The Bridges of Madison County)

And I Will Follow

I Love Betsy (from Honeymoon In Vegas)

[replaced in the second set with When You Say Vegas (from Honeymoon In Vegas)]

Anywhere But Here (from Honeymoon In Vegas)

All Things In Time

[replaced in the second set with Still Hurting (from The Last Five Years)]

Break Me Blues

Another Life (from The Bridges of Madison County)

Before and After You/One Second and a Million Miles (from The Bridges of Madison County)

Caravan of Angels

Goodbye Until Tomorrow (from The Last Five Years)

first set encore: Someone To Fall Back On

second set encore: Brand New You (from 13)

All Things In Time

Piano/vocals: JRB

Guitars: Gary Sieger

Guitars/mandolin: Matt Hinkley

Bass: Randy Landau

Drums: Brian Dunne