Posted on August 26, 2012 at 11:44 pm

I don’t even know how to describe the joy of this past week in London. Getting to watch 13 come to life on the West End with a cast of young, gloriously gifted actors was such a gift, such a blessing to me; but then to follow that with tonight’s concert, where seven hundred people gathered at the Apollo Theatre – the same theatre where Olivier starred in Journey’s End – to hear seventy students, three amazing singers and a ten-piece orchestra bring seventeen of my songs beautifully to life, that … well, I have no words for that. I will never understand how this career of mine works, but the fact that I can have weeks like this more than compensates for whatever madness I endure.

The New World (cast of NYMT’s Songs for a New World)
It All Fades Away
Shiksa Goddess
A Summer in Ohio (Lara Pulver)
All Things In Time (Stuart Matthew Price)
I Love Betsy
Moving Too Fast (Ramin Karimloo)
On the Deck of a Spanish Sailing Ship, 1492 (cast of NYMT’s Songs for a New World)

Brand New You
(cast of NYMT’s 13)
King of the World
Another Life
(Lara Pulver)
I’d Give It All For You (Ramin Karimloo and Lara Pulver)
Caravan of Angels
The Old Red Hills of Home (Stuart Matthew Price and the National Youth Music Theatre Ensemble)
A Little More Homework (JRB & the cast of NYMT’s 13)
Someone To Fall Back On

Guitar and mandolin: Mitch Dalton; Guitar: John Gregson; Bass: Jaz Lochrie
Violin: Oli Lewis, Kathryn James, Helen Goatly; Viola: Sarah Chapman; Cello: Chris Fish, Jessica Cox

Produced by Jon Bath for NYMT