Posted on September 4, 2012 at 4:19 pm

For one concert a couple of years ago, I programmed “Over” to follow “The Old Red Hills of Home,” thinking it would be an interesting juxtaposition. I surprised myself (and my band) in the moment by not stopping in between songs – I just improvised a transition that could get me from Eb to E minor and went right into the second song. It turned out to be a very intense and powerful experience; there was something almost hypnotic about staying in that mode of war for so long. (Fear not, I won’t be adding “The Flagmaker” on any time soon.)

During my tour of Australia last year, I was able to explore that juxtaposition in more detail; here’s my performance from the final night of the tour. Listening to it this morning, I was caught totally off guard by the piano solo – I had no recollection of going for almost four minutes! I must have been in the zone that night!

I was listening to these recordings in preparation for my shows next week in NYC with Shoshana Bean. I’ll be exploring some more of my songs there – hope we’ll see you in the audience!

The Old Red Hills of Home/Over (Live)
Music and lyrics by Jason Robert Brown
Piano and vocal: JRB
Recorded at the Adelaide Festival Centre, Adelaide, S. Australia, 16 March 2011