Posted on March 20, 2011 at 3:31 am

A really lovely way to close out this tour, by returning to the city – and in fact, the very theater – where I first played Australia eight years ago. Many members in the audience were there back then as well, including one woman who reminded me at the signing afterwards that the concert in 2003 had been on my birthday, a fact I had completely forgotten.

As in Brisbane, the audience asked for a second encore, and I was happy to oblige.

All Things In Time
I Could Be In Love With Someone Like You
Long Long Road
Stars and the Moon
(Rachael Beck)
One More Thing Than I Can Handle (Rachael Beck)
When You Say Vegas
Anywhere But Here
(Rachael Beck)
Still Hurting (Rachael Beck)
King of the World
Being A Geek

Nothing In Common
I’m Not Afraid of Anything
(Rachael Beck)
Another Life (Rachael Beck)
Wondering World premiere of a new song for “The Bridges of Madison County”
I’d Give It All For You (JRB & Rachael Beck)
The Old Red Hills of Home/Over
I Can Do Better Than That
(Rachael Beck)
Caravan of Angels
Moving Too Fast
Someone To Fall Back On

Encore: That’s How Texas Was Born

And with that, and a quick side trip to New Zealand to teach some masterclasses, I was all done with this arduous but beautiful tour. I must thank three people in particular: my partner-in-crime, Rachael Beck, who astonished me every night with her power, her commitment and her gorgeous voice (she’s grown a lot since this); our amazing production supervisor Mel Robertson, who not only tamed the techies in every town but was always well supplied with chocolate for her cranky star; and the producer and promoter Jeremy Youett, who took a big risk professionally and personally by bringing me out to Oz, and who put all the pieces together with such love and respect. I look forward to working with you all again, and hopefully soon!

Now off to a busy couple of weeks: The Trumpet of the Swan with the National Symphony Orchestra next weekend at the Kennedy Center; a gala concert for CAP21 on April 11, honoring me and Georgia and featuring Kelli O’Hara, Jessica Molaskey, Chris Jackson, Aisha deHaas, Davis Gaines, and a huge choir; and three shows with the gorgeous Anika Noni Rose in NYC that we’re filming for PBS at the end of the month!

Thanks again, Australia! See you soon!
Jason Robert Brown