Posted on February 5, 2014 at 8:58 pm

I’m Not Afraid of Anything

Jennie’s afraid of water
I mean, she swims so well, but still
She’s afraid of water
So she won’t go near the sea…
Not me.
And Katie’s afraid of darkness
I mean, she sleeps and all, but still,
She’s afraid of darkness
So when the lights are out, she has to hold my hand
I don’t understand

I’m not afraid of anything
Be it mountains, water, dragons, dark or sky
I’m not afraid of anything
Tell me, where’s the challenge if you never try?
So watch me fly!
I’m not afraid

Daddy’s afraid of babies
I mean, he got through me, but now,
He’s afraid of babies
Guess he’s scared of what they’ll be
Not me.
And Mama’s afraid of crying
You know, she tries to hold it in
She’s afraid of crying.
And she can look at me with tears stuck in her eye
And I don’t know why

I’m not afraid of anything
Be it growing old or going out of style
I’m not afraid of anything
Who would give up what they want without a trial?
Another mile!
I’m not afraid!

And I feel the calling of adventure
And I hear the ringing in my ear
The lights are glaring, trumpets blaring
I’m right here
And I hear the calling of tomorrow
And I feel the stirring in my bones
And David loves me…
He’s afraid to hold me

Listen to the calling of excitement
Can you feel the pounding of my heart?
The lights are ready, pulses steady
I can start!
Never stop the calling of the challenge
Blessing on the water and the stones
David loves me – he’s afraid to tell me
David loves me – he’s afraid to trust me
He’s afraid to hold me
And he’ll always be…
He’s afraid of me…

And I’m not afraid of anyone!
I am sure to win with anyone at all
I’m not afraid of anyone
Not a soul alive who can get behind this wall
So let them call
And watch them fall
‘Cause after all…
I’m not