Posted on January 14, 2015 at 10:02 pm

I don’t know what else to write about this night other than that it was one of the greatest nights of my life.

To Build A Home (The Bridges of Madison County)
Kelli O’Hara

The Old Red Hills of Home (Parade)

Do It Alone (Parade)
Carolee Carmello

I Can Do Better Than That (The Last Five Years)
Lauren Kennedy

A Summer In Ohio (The Last Five Years)
Betsy Wolfe

Stars and the Moon (Songs for a New World)
Jessica Molaskey

Terminal Illness (13)
Graham Phillips & Aaron Simon Gross

What It Means To Be A Friend (13)
Allie Trimm

It All Fades Away (The Bridges of Madison County)
Steven Pasquale

Mr. Hopalong Heartbreak (Urban Cowboy)
Jenn Colella

I Love Betsy (Honeymoon In Vegas)

Anywhere But Here (Honeymoon In Vegas)
Lauren Kennedy

Moving Too Fast (The Last Five Years)
Jeremy Jordan

All Things In Time
Anika Noni Rose

Before and After You/One Second and a Million Miles (The Bridges of Madison County)
Kelli O’Hara & Steven Pasquale

Someone To Fall Back On (Wearing Someone Else’s Clothes)

Piano: JRB
Guitars: Justin Goldner [The Bridges of Madison County], Michael Aarons
Bass: Randy Landau [Songs for a New World, The Last Five Years (2002 & 2013 & film), Wearing Someone Else’s Clothes, The Trumpet of the Swan, The Bridges of Madison County, You Can’t Take It With You]
Drums & Percussion: Benny Koonyevsky [The Bridges of Madison County, You Can’t Take It With You]
Violins: Antoine Silverman (concertmaster)[Urban Cowboy, The Last Five Years film], Kiku Enomoto [The Last Five Years film,The Bridges of Madison County], Nolan Livesay (also viola) [Waiting For Wings orchestration]
Celli: Mairi Dorman-Phaneuf [Parade tour, The Last Five Years (2002 & 2013 & film), The Bridges of Madison County], Peter Sachon

Special thanks to Marc Kaplan for bringing me to SubCulture and making such a wonderful home, and to Collin Martin who had to handle an unbelievable amount of logistics to get this amazing night to go off without a hitch.


Photos by Erika Kapin Photography