Posted on March 7, 2011 at 6:28 am

Let me tell you, I highly recommend playing a concert in front of over 600 incredible fans in Sydney, Australia, if you ever get the chance. A wonderful night at the Parade Theatre at NIDA, following a lovely masterclass there this afternoon.

Also today, I did a radio interview with the wonderful Margaret Throsby, who asked me to choose four of my favorite pieces of music – and you can listen to that here (music excerpts have been stripped out for copyright reasons).

Set list is the same as Melbourne, but I’ll reprint it here. Thanks to the great staff at NIDA, and our ace production supervisor Mel Robertson, who is a dream come true.

All Things In Time
I Could Be In Love With Someone Like You
Long Long Road
Stars and the Moon
(Rachael Beck)
One More Thing Than I Can Handle (Rachael Beck)
When You Say Vegas
Anywhere But Here
(Rachael Beck)
Still Hurting (Rachael Beck)
King of the World
Being A Geek

Nothing In Common
I’m Not Afraid of Anything
(Rachael Beck)
Another Life (Rachael Beck)
Wondering World premiere of a new song for “The Bridges of Madison County”
I’d Give It All For You (JRB & Rachael Beck)
The Old Red Hills of Home/Over
I Can Do Better Than That
(Rachael Beck)
Caravan of Angels
Moving Too Fast
Someone To Fall Back On

Off to Perth in the morning for a masterclass at WAAPA and a concert on Wednesday night!

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