Posted on January 1, 2011 at 9:00 pm

This site’s been up for over five years now, and in that time, we’ve been posting lots of songs and snippets for your collective enjoyment. Here’s a quick roundup of where you can find all the music we’ve put online so far:

from Songs for a New World:

Stars and the Moon, Jessica Molaskey (original cast recording, 1996)
She Cries, Jason Robert Brown (live, 2002)
The River Won’t Flow, Brian D’arcy James, Billy Porter, Andréa Burns, Amy Ryder (demo, 1994)
King of the World, Billy Porter (demo, 1994)
Surabaya-Santa, Kristine Zbornik (live, 2002)
The Flagmaker, 1775, Julia Murney (live, 2003)

from Parade:

All The Wasted Time, Brent Carver & Carolee Carmello (original cast recording, 1999)
I Have Something To Say/Special To The New York Herald! (cut from the show) JRB (demo, 1996)
It Goes On And On Evan Pappas (original cast recording outtake, 1999)

from The Last Five Years:

Shiksa Goddess, Norbert Leo Butz (original cast recording, 2002)
Moving Too Fast, Jason Robert Brown (live, 2002)

from Urban Cowboy:

That’s How Texas Was Born, Jason Robert Brown (original cast recording, 2003)
Mr. Hopalong Heartbreak, Jenn Colella (original cast recording, 2003)

from “13”:

What It Means To Be A Friend, Krista Pioppi (demo, 2004)
“13” Medley: Being A Geek/Brand New You/Thirteen, members of the original Los Angeles cast (radio commercial, 2006)
Being A Geek, Ricky Ashley & Boys (Los Angeles cast recording, 2007)

from The Moneyman:

Coming Home (The Ballad of Michael Milken), Jason Robert Brown, Lauren Mufson (demo, 1996)
The X-Shaped Desk, The Caucasian Rhythm Kings and Orchestra (demo, 1996)
Reborn (The Fallen Angel), Jason Robert Brown (demo, 1996)
Milken On The Floor, The Caucasian Rhythm Kings and Orchestra (demo, 1996)
Money Gonna Make You A Real Man, Jason Robert Brown (demo, 1996)
I Rise, Lauren Mufson, Jason Robert Brown (demo, 1996)
Mexico, The Caucasian Rhythm Kings and Orchestra (demo, 1996)

Assorted other songs:

And I Will Follow, Lauren Kennedy (Songs of Jason Robert Brown, 2003)

Someone To Fall Back On, Jason Robert Brown (Wearing Someone Else’s Clothes, 2005)

Getting Out (piano solo outtakes), Jason Robert Brown (Wearing Someone Else’s Clothes outtakes, 2005)

Chanukah Suite, Los Angeles Master Chorale, Grant Gershon, conductor (live radio broadcast, 2005)

In This Room, Lauren Kennedy & Rozz Morehead (studio recording, 2004)

More Than A Hamburger, Alise Wojciechowski (studio recording, 1998)

Theme from Rose’s Dilemma, Jason Robert Brown & The Caucasian Rhythm Kings (studio recording, 2003)

Title song from show whose title cannot be disclosed, Nicole Van Giesen (studio recording, 2003)

Goin’ My Way, Nicole Van Giesen (studio recording, 2003)