Posted on November 6, 2008 at 11:44 pm

Hellobama! (That’s my new greeting. Like it?)

Well, this month has already been too exciting, so I understand if you just want to lie down and recover for a while, but I alas must push on, creating even more excitement, breaking down even more barriers, dragging a reluctant world into a new century. Will you give all you can give so that our banner may advance?

This weekend brings me to the Southern climes, as the Caucasian Rhythm Kings and I return to Birmingham, Alabama for two concerts and a masterclass with the Red Mountain Theater Company. Concerts are Friday 11/7 and Saturday 11/8 at 7:30 pm, and the masterclass is at noon on Saturday. All the info you could possibly need is right here.

Next it’s all the way up North, as the Caucasian Rhythm Kings conquer Wisconsin! On 11/18, we’ll be playing at the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point at 7:30 pm, and it’s gonna be a Midwestern Extravaganza! For more info and tickets, click here.

(Incidentally, I’ll be selling 13 CD’s at these concerts, so you can get them before the official 11/25 street date if you haven’t already downloaded the music from the iTunes Music Store!)

And I’m getting really cranked up for the premiere of The Trumpet of the Swan, an orchestral piece with narration by Marsha Norman adapted from the book by E.B. White. It’ll be me conducting a big orchestra at the Kennedy Center, with a cast of fabulous actors headed by Academy Award winner Kathy Bates. What could be wrong with that? There are only five performances, so come on down to Washington DC – who knows, maybe the next President will be loitering in the lobby, just looking to scalp a ticket! You can hang with him! I’m just saying – it could happen!

I recognize even this may not be enough for you. You may still not have satisfied your implacable urge to hear more JRB music. Well, let me remind you in that case that my new musical, 13, is still playing eight shows a week on Broadway to deliriously happy audiences, and you can go any time and dig those awesome kids! Tickets start from only $25 now through December 14, so click here or call at 212-947-8844 and mention the code 13BLAST.

Thanks for all your support, and here’s to a great holiday season!

Jason Robert Brown