Posted on August 5, 2008 at 12:30 am


[UPDATE to the UPDATE: That’s it, kids! No more submissions will be accepted! There are so many awesome performances in this contest already, you’ll just have to listen.

Here are the VOTING RULES:
1. If you want to vote for anyone, you must send an email to, and the NAME of the person for whom you are voting MUST BE IN THE SUBJECT LINE.
2. You can vote for as many people as you want, but you CANNOT vote more than once for any one person. Don’t be an asshole!
3. We’ve logged email addresses for all the votes thus far (there have been almost 4000 votes entered), so those people do not need to vote again unless they’re voting for someone else.
4. We’ll accept votes until 12:01 am EDT on August 10.
5. After that … I still don’t know.
6. You’re all so awesome and amazing for having contributed to this contest! Thank you for all the great singing and wonderful comments! Now I have to get back to my new show, which just started rehearsal today!]

If you’re asking “What contest?”, then you should probably go here and read up.

I’ve gotten an amazing response to the JRB Karaoke Competition, and my Comments section is getting perhaps a bit unwieldy, so I’ve created this post to make it a little easier to navigate all the sensational entries. It’s so much fun hosting this party, I can’t even tell you; this is totally making my summer. I’ll keep updating the list below as submissions happen; you can submit to the Comments section on this page or the Contest Time! page, it’s all good. CONTESTANTS: Check your links! If they don’t work or they’re copied incorrectly, let us know immediately!

If you want to vote for any of the folks below, send an email to and write the name of the person for whom you are voting right in the subject line. I’ll stop accepting new entries as of August 5th, and stop accepting votes on August 10th. Then, eventually, I’ll announce the finalists and we’ll do a whole new round of voting – and we’ll also announce the prize!

So, for your listening pleasure – and let me tell you, all my friends’ warnings notwithstanding, there are some unbelievably talented people in the submissions below – here is the current lineup of contestants for the title of JRB Karaoke Freak 2008!

I’m Not Afraid of Anything:
Amanda Achen
Chelsea Adams
Ashley Adler
Samantha Aneson
Gina Naomi Baez
Kristen Basore
Meryn Beckett
Maggie Bera
Julie Boesch
Maddie Botteri
Caitlin Bower
Erin Branigan
Katie Britton
Amber Marie Broughton
Heather Burgess
Jill Marie Burke
Jana Michelle Byrnes
Kate Cipoletti
Natalie Copeland
Candice Corbin
Ciara Curran
Victoria D.
Melissa Day
Harper Denhard
Katrina Sweet Tea Dideriksen
Lisa Donahey
Megan Dwinell
Amanda Edmands
Dara Epstein
Katie F.
Mariah Fanning
Mandy Feiler
Melanie Fernandez
Caroline Elizabeth Fleming
Sara Fontaine
Jennifer Foster
Leigh Francis
Katrina Galka
Jamie Gallagher
Samantha Galvin
Jean Ann Garrish
Ericka Gasper

Amanda Glickman
Charlotte Godfrey
Angela Grace
Grace H.
Melissa Haley
Krystle Haliotis
Lisa Hamman
Anna Harissis
Sabrina Hart
Natalie Hawkins
Carmelle Hayes
Alexandra Heinen
Kristin Watson Heintz
Jessica Hendy
Kathleen Hennessey
Sasha Herst
Charissa Hope
Tonilyn Hornung
Kristin Jann-Fischer
Robin Harris-Jones
Jenny Joseph
Jenny Joyce
Suzie Juul
Emily Karol
Kim Kernan
Carolyn Klocker
Catai L.
Alisa Ledyard
Jordan Leigh
Jodi Leis
Carly Loddengaard
Haylie Lovett
Danielle Lovier
Melissa Lyons
Jessica M.
Jen Malenke
Ashley Mandanas
Tracey Marble
Tashi Mark
Mghnon Martin
Kim Mesiti
Jenny Mette
Megan Meyer
Jodie Michaels
Conner Wayne Milam
Katie Miller
Isabella Moore
Kari Morris
Brynn Mosello
Olivia Murphy
Michelle N.
Natasha Napoleao
Kari Nelson
Amber Nicole Patrick
Lauren Patten
Amanda Pilmer
Naomi Price
Brooke Marie Procida
Monica Qiu
Verity Quade
Jen R.
Jessie R.
Stephanie R.
Ryann Redmond
Spencer Rose
Angharad Sanders
Taylor Scorse
Megan Shorey
Ali Starzyk
Sarah Stipe
Julie Stevens
Siobhan Stevenson
Jacinda Rose Swinehart
Jessica Taige
Bethany Taylor
Evelyn Trester
Maddy Trumble
Kimberly Turner
Ashleigh Twining
Bri Vitale
Kim Volpe
Arden Walker
Julie Wechsler
Natalie Weiss
Samantha Weppelman
Cynthia Whitman
Karuss Williams
Chelsea Wilson
Lindsay Wolgel
Lori Wolter
Pamela Wong
Ashley Wood
Jill Woodhouse
Katie Young
Brian (Gallup, NM)
Broadway Bob
Eric Mathew Colton
Ryland Dodge
Daniel Hines
Neal Hunter Hyde
AJ Hunsucker
Ant Johnson
Sheldon Rogers

King of the World:
Chris Angel

Karl Bernardo
Miles Bresin
Brian (Gallup, NM)
Drew Chandler
Andrew Coutermarsh
Dwelvan David
Mark W. Goins
DJ Hedgepath
Daniel Hines
Matthew Kennedy
Corey Leigh
Jeigh Madjus
Justin Miskin
Chris Mueller
Daniel Neil Olson
Corey Payette
Michael Potsic
Jason Prefontaine
Sheldon Rogers
Chris Rozanski
Eric Matthew Ruiz
Jonathan Shew
Andrew Sotomayor
Erik Scott
Jonathan Shade
Lars Skaar
Grant Zabielski
Ben Zachary
Shelly Bort
Nikki Fausey

She Cries:
Roberto Araujo
Rob Archibald
Darin M. Art
Michael Deininger-Bell
Karl Bernardo
Vash Boddie
Brian (Gallup, NM)
Andrew Coutermarsh
Benjamin Davis
Barry DeBois
Rory Dunn
Michael Einav
Jonathan Reid Gealt
Tom Grada
Ben Halstead
Daniel Hines
LaRon Hudson
Anthony Johnson
John Krause
Corey Leigh
David Levitz
Jeff Luppino-Esposito
Ben Lurye
Chris McNiff
Justin Miskin
Glenn Daniel Nilsson
Adam Parnell
Corey Payette
Andy Planck
Chris Powell
Zak Resnick
Sheldon Rogers
Oliver Rowe
Adam Rowley
George E. Salazar
Matt Santeramo
Erik Scott
Jacob Stebly
Tim Vallier
Bryan Young
Grant Zabielski
Shelly Bort
Katrina Rose “Sweet Tea”
Kristina Keener