Posted on July 23, 2008 at 9:31 am

I’m back! For just a second, really.

We start rehearsals for the Broadway production of “13” on August 4, with a sensational cast and an amazing band, and previews start at the Jacobs Theater on September 16 with an opening date of October 5! So I’ve been told. You can’t buy tickets yet because everything in life is complicated, especially if I’m involved. But soon, all mysteries will be revealed!

However, while you’re waiting to buy your ticket for the show, might I suggest that the teens and tweens among you might enjoy reading a fine new novel by myself and Dan Elish? It’s called “13” and it even bears a certain resemblance to the show! (Not that big of a resemblance, at this point, but close enough.) Kirkus Reviews says: “This tale of middle-school culture is handled especially well! The pace is quick, the humor broad, and the life lessons spelled out clearly.” You can hear me and Dan in a podcast about the book here and check out the fabulous reader reviews here! Oh, and you might wish to order the book online, and who could blame you? Give Amazon the old clicky-clicky and pick up a copy! In fact, if you buy a copy, you get the code to listen to an exclusive track of me singing the finale from the show. That’s right, y’all, free music when you get your read on. Check it out!

What else, what else, what else? Oh, zillions of things, I’m sure, but my mind is really just focussed on “13” at the moment – I’m headed off to French Woods and Stagedoor Manor this week to audition some more kids for the show! It never ends! – but I will be playing at Birdland again on October 13, and there are lots of other concert dates up at Ye Olde It’s gonna be a busy year!

And while you’re on the site, you can read my latest blog entry, about how Facebook has forced me into a moral quandary.

I’ll keep you up-to-date throughout the rehearsal process, and let you know all the crazy goings-on in “13”-land. Then I’ll see you on Broadway!

Have a great summer, people!
Jason Robert Brown