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Monthly Archives: May 2006

JRB Interview From StageDoor Chicago!


Steve Leary has written in from StageDoor Chicago with good news for those of you craving more insight into JRB and his work: an interview, in podcast form! Click here to listen.

Learn about JRB’s current projects!


By popular demand — and running behind schedule due to an overworked and criminally negligent webmaster — a new section has been added to the site which will keep you posted on Jason’s current theatrical projects. Take a look, and find out more about his upcoming productions of “13” and “Honeymoon in Vegas”! (And, by popular demand, the theatre section has also been updated to include a gallery of photos from various JRB stage productions and performances. Let us know what you think!)

“13” World Premiere in L.A. this winter!


Center Theatre Group today announced the world premiere of “13,” the new musical I’m writing with Dan Elish, to be directed by Todd Graff at the Mark Taper Forum. First preview is December 22, and the show opens January 7 and closes NEVER! Or February 18. You can read the article here and you can read more about the show right on this site as soon as Ivan puts it up.



In this week’s ridiculously long entry: What is “King Of The World” really about? Can I translate your show into Farsi? Plus: orchestrating, writing lyrics, being a rock star, teaching, and much more! Geoff Cook writes: You are obviously influenced by popular musicians and have spoken highly about people such as Joni Mitchell, Stevie Wonder etc. To what extent is success outside of the theatre world a priority for you? It would be great to see you as a special guest to say Ben Folds or Randy Newman, or maybe even someone who plays a different instrument. Also: “I’m inRead More »