Posted on August 22, 2023 at 4:29 pm

Pittsfield, MA – August 31 & September 1, I’m on the stage at Mr. Finn’s Cabaret at Barrington Stage Company, playing every song I’ve ever written, in chronological order! I’ll be sharing the stage with my excellent pal Todd Reynolds on fiddle and electronics, and we’ll be making some serious music for you all! Here are the details!

Hollywood, CA – October 13 & 14, I’m back at Catalina Jazz Club (where this happened the last time I was there) with a sensational band and some great guest singers to be announced in a future update. The last time I played a gig in LA, I triggered a COVID lockdown across the entire country, so let’s see what happens this time! Come join us!

Indianapolis, IN – November 3 & 4, I’m coming to the Broadway at the Cabaret series, and I’ve got my whole amazing band AND the astonishing Tony Award-winning Bonnie Milligan! Belting, banging, emotional overwhelm and surprising earnestness, all coming at you for two straight nights! They say it’s sold out, but I don’t trust them – here’s a link with info!

And there’s so much else to talk about, with The Connector opening in January at MCC in Manhattan and Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil opening next June at the Goodman Theater in Chicago, all sorts of fun articles about Parade (did I mention that we performed at the White House?), publication of the vocal selections for Mr. Saturday Night, new albums, concerts coming up in NYC and London, but I can’t go into any of that now, I just got my oldest daughter off to college and I have to get my younger one started at her new high school, so come to the shows and I’ll tell you all about it there!