Posted on October 15, 2011 at 11:01 pm

Mostly the same songs as last night, but with one significant difference. Before the show, Sho and I were told that some members of the previous night’s audience were disappointed not to hear “Stars and the Moon.” Now, I like to make the audience happy, but we did a two-hour show with eighteen songs, we can’t do everything, for God’s sakes, we’re not machines, what do they want from me, I’m giving my blood and sweat up there… Blah blah blah, I was getting all sensitive and defensive, and Sho said, “Dude, I know it, let’s do it.” (She actually said, “Jason never lets me do that song,” and I was like, “What does that mean? You can do the song whenever you want!” I don’t understand women. Whatever.) So I said, “Well, if you really know it, maybe we’ll do it.” So for the encore, I called Sho back up and she sang the living hell out of it. No rehearsal. Just pulled it out of her back pocket. She’s amazing.

Thanks to the Columbia Club Cabaret and everyone here in Indianapolis for two wonderful shows. Hope I’ll be seeing you again soon!

All Things In Time (Shoshana Bean)
I Could Be In Love With Someone Like You
Long Long Road
And I Will Follow (Shoshana)
King of the World
Another Life from The Bridges of Madison County (Shoshana)
Wondering from The Bridges of Madison County
I’d Give It All For You (Shoshana & JRB)
Being A Geek


Nothing In Common
When You Say Vegas from Honeymoon In Vegas
Anywhere But Here from Honeymoon In Vegas (Shoshana)
Still Hurting (Shoshana)
The Old Red Hills of Home
Caravan of Angels
Goodbye Until Tomorrow (Shoshana)
Moving Too Fast
Stars and the Moon (Shoshana)
Someone To Fall Back On