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Monthly Archives: March 2011



A beautiful late-summer night in Perth, Western Australia, after a day spent exploring the coast (and getting sunburnt). Thanks to a very warm and supportive crowd, who helped us find some new and deeper insights into the songs last night, and also were a fantastic choir for “Caravan of Angels”! The most important part of the show for me was the gorgeous Steinway D, which may have been the richest, most responsive piano I’ve played for a solo concert in my life. I think my solos on “Long Long Road” and “Over” were twice as long as usual, just becauseRead More »

Review: “I’ve got a singular impression…” (, 3/8/11)


Mark Shenton’s blog for posted here. I’ve got a singular impression things are moving too fast… By Mark Shenton on March 8, 2011 5:59 AM Is there a more in-the-moment, zeitgeist-y composer on the Broadway block than Jason Robert Brown? Catching up with him live in concert last night in Sydney, where he is appearing as part of a national tour that is visiting all the major Australian cities this week and into next, I realised that he has provided a touchstone for the last two decades of new musical writing; not because he has had a single stand-outRead More »



Let me tell you, I highly recommend playing a concert in front of over 600 incredible fans in Sydney, Australia, if you ever get the chance. A wonderful night at the Parade Theatre at NIDA, following a lovely masterclass there this afternoon. Also today, I did a radio interview with the wonderful Margaret Throsby, who asked me to choose four of my favorite pieces of music – and you can listen to that here (music excerpts have been stripped out for copyright reasons). Set list is the same as Melbourne, but I’ll reprint it here. Thanks to the great staffRead More »

“Showman making musicals modern” (The Age [Australia], 2/27/11)


Bryce Hallett’s profile available here. Showman making musicals modern by Bryce Hallett The Age (Australia), February 28, 2011 JASON Robert Brown is not yet a household name, but his musical output and ambition rival that of Andrew Lloyd Webber. He has been hailed a champion for lifting the contemporary American musical out of the doldrums. Brown’s musicals, including Songs for a New World and The Last Five Years, have been produced many times throughout the world, including Argentina, Germany, Hungary, Greece, Mexico and Australia. A prodigious composer, lyricist, musician and teacher, Brown is about to embark on a whirlwind AustralianRead More »