Posted on October 10, 2008 at 8:31 pm

Hello, my wonderful fans and friends.

You may have heard that my newest show, “13”, opened this week. We got a lot of wonderful reviews from the press, the audiences are really loving the show every night, and the cast is absolutely knocking it out of the park every single performance. I am as proud of “13” as I am of anything I have ever done in my entire career. It’s a show that has everything I want in a musical: sensational singing and dancing, wonderful comedy, a great big heart, and a real personal point of view. When you go to see this show, you’ll be seeing the result of five years of my life’s work on that stage; it’s unbelievably gratifying.

You may also have heard that the economy just went swirling down the toilet.

I want people to come see “13”, and I asked the producers what we could do to make sure that my fans and friends could come, and do it now when we really need to build momentum. And they really came through.

Through November 3, you can get orchestra and front mezzanine tickets for any weeknight (and Sundays at 7!) for only $25. That means you can take a family of four to see the show for less than the cost of one ticket to “The Lion King.”

So this is a great opportunity to come see this show that I love so much. We don’t have big famous stars or a big famous title; “13” is a totally original, brand-new piece with an unbeatable cast and orchestra of the greatest teenage performers on Broadway.

Get a ticket for your friend, your niece, your cousin, your ophthalmologist. I wouldn’t be asking for your support if I didn’t believe so much in this show. You can get the CD on iTunes right now if you want to hear this amazing cast singing this score of which I am so proud.

Here’s the whole deal: go to You’ll see a graphic on the left hand side that says “Exclusive Offer for 13Fans!” Click on that. You’ll need to register on the site to get the discount code, and then you’ll be able to get your tickets online, or on the phone, or at the box office. That’s it!

I’ve gotta get ready for my Birdland concert Monday night, but I’ll be at the shows all weekend and all next week and I hope to see you there!

Of course, you can keep looking around for more JRB news. Thanks so much for your support!

Peace out, y’all! See you at the show!
Jason Robert Brown