Production History


The Chanukah Suite was borne of two separate desires: 1) to make the celebration of Chanukah an exuberant musical experience that both draws on tradition and looks forward to new ideas; and 2) to write a piece for chorus which combined the “Broadway” idiom in which I most often work with more traditional liturgical choral techniques.  Therefore, this challenging medley requires both a strict fidelity to the written rhythms and pitches and a real sense of spontaneity.  When it’s done in the right spirit, this piece should make Chanukah a powerful, soul-stirring, swinging, rock-and-rolling Festival of Lights.

Jason Robert Brown
January 2004, New York City


The premiere of the piece was by the Los Angeles Master Chorale under the direction of Grant Gershon at Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles on Sunday, December 11, 2005.


You can buy the sheet music here.