Posted on April 19, 2016 at 9:38 pm

Spring has finally arrived, and my spring fever is manifesting itself with a truly over-the-top extravaganza at SubCulture this Saturday night, featuring the amazing LINDSAY MENDEZ (star of Dogfight, Wicked and Godspell), the return of fiddling maniac TODD REYNOLDS, the superannuated CAUCASIAN RHYTHM KINGS, a full horn section, and premieres of three, yes, THREE new songs. (Plus the usual random selections from all the shows and albums.)

(Also, Lindsay’s singing some Joni, which is basically like having kosher-for-Passover chocolate chip cookies AND ice cream.)

All the ticket information is RIGHT HERE – come celebrate the second night of Pesach with us, the Official Band of Non- and Intermittently-Observant Jews And Compatible Ethnicities.

Saturday night, April 23, 8 pm at SubCulture in NYC!

See you there!