Posted on June 16, 2016 at 5:53 am

I have been so torn, so overwhelmed about how to react to the terrible shootings in Orlando this week; I have felt helpless and hopeless and, in a strange way, imprisoned by inaction.

When I mentioned this on Facebook, many of my friends wrote me to say that an artist can only respond to the world with his or her art, and that in fact it was my responsibility to continue speaking, continue singing, continue to give the people who listen some kind of words and music that would allow them to share that emotion together.

In April, I premiered a new song called “A Song About Your Gun,” and I asked Marc Kaplan at SubCulture to help me put it into the world this week. AM Harris and Craig Bundy did an amazing job creating this video, using footage from that concert. Thank you to all of them for helping me share this with you.

Thank you for listening. I send hope tonight for peace, for reason, for responsibility. For people to listen to each other.

Jason Robert Brown