Posted on February 21, 2016 at 3:20 am

JRB 2.20.16 shot 11

An incendiary night at SubCulture, with the blaze lit by the incomparable Lena Hall, force of nature beyond compare, and stoked by the dazzling Dave Eggar on cello. I don’t remotely support people taking video during the show, but how can I not share this with you?

Nothing’s Bigger Than Kong from King Kong (2016) (world premiere)
I Love Betsy from Honeymoon In Vegas (2015)
The Hardest Hill (2016)
JRB 2.20.16 shot 12
Lena Hall: Blues: Feel The Rain Fall from Parade (1998)
Lena Hall: Getting Out from Wearing Someone Else’s Clothes (2005)
Wondering from The Bridges of Madison County (2014)
Dave Eggar: Always Better from The Bridges of Madison County (2014)
JRB 2.20.16 shot 7
Advice to the Playaz (on a text by Willy the Shake) (2013)
Fifty Years Long (2015)
Twenty-Six Names (2012)
Flying Home from Songs for a New World (1995)
JRB 2.20.16 shot 4
Wait ‘Til You See What’s Next from Prince of Broadway (2015)
Melinda (2015)
JRB 2.20.16 shot 2

JRB: Piano, vocal
Dave Eggar: cello
Lena Hall: vocal
Mariand Torres & Dan’yelle Williamson: backing vocals
Jamie Eblen: drums
Gary Sieger: guitars
Michael Aarons: banjo & guitars
Randy Landau: bass
JRB 2.20.16 shot 10