Posted on August 24, 2015 at 10:59 pm

Benanti 8-15
A cornucopia of wonderfulness at SubCulture, as the Glorious Laur-ius joined the Caucasian Rhythm Kings and our special guest Mairi D-P on the Big Violin. Laura sang virtually every note she sang in the Avery Fisher Hall concert of Parade earlier this year as well as a song cut from Bridges during previews, Mairi did a gorgeous arrangement of “Someone To Fall Back On,” we brought our usual destructive tendencies to one of Paul Simon’s greatest songs (with Eblen getting his Gadd on big-time), and I premiered another song from the show that I haven’t admitted I’m working on yet. Was it worth me taking three days out of my vacation so that I could come to sweaty New York City and play this concert? You bet your ass it was, Felicia.

Break Me Blues
Shiksa Goddess from The Last Five Years
He Forgave Me cut from The Bridges of Madison County (Laura)
Still Hurting from The Last Five Years (Laura)
Songs from Parade:
You Don’t Know This Man (Laura)
Do It Alone (Laura)
This Is Not Over Yet (Laura & JRB)
All The Wasted Time (Laura & JRB)
Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover (Paul Simon)
A Man’s Job (world premiere)
Fifty Years Long
Wait Til You See What’s Next from Prince of Broadway
Someone To Fall Back On from Wearing Someone Else’s Clothes
Mousie 8-15

JRB: piano, vocals
Laura Benanti: vocals
Randy Landau: electric and upright bass
Gary Sieger: electric and acoustic guitar
Jamie Eblen: drums and percussion
Mairi Dorman-Phaneuf: cello

Next show is September 11! See you there!