Posted on June 23, 2014 at 2:56 pm

JRB in LancasterBack in March, I ended up with a nasty respiratory infection that laid me out for two weeks, and one of the consequences was that I had to cancel my concert and masterclass with PRiMA Theatre at the last minute.  Fortunately for all, the gang in Lancaster was able to reschedule, and so I took a train up to the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country to make some music at the Trust Performing Arts Center.

First I worked with six fantastic performers on their material; you can read about that here in an article from Lancaster Online.

The concert was my first since the cast album for Bridges was released and also the first since we’ve announced the Broadway opening for Honeymoon In Vegas, so it was interesting and exciting to perform those songs with that new context – I’ve never done “It All Fades Away” before where the audience knew it when I started, and that was fun; it definitely changed the way I sang those songs!

King of the World (from Songs for a New World)
I Could Be In Love With Someone Like You (from Wearing Someone Else’s Clothes)
Long Long Road (from Wearing Someone Else’s Clothes)
I Love Betsy (from Honeymoon In Vegas)
Being A Geek (from 13)
Wondering (from The Bridges of Madison County)
The Old Red Hills of Home (from Parade)
When You Say Vegas (from Honeymoon In Vegas)
It All Fades Away (from The Bridges of Madison County)
Caravan of Angels
Moving Too Fast (from The Last Five Years)
Someone To Fall Back On (from Wearing Someone Else’s Clothes)

Thanks so much to Mitch Nugent for bringing me out to Lancaster, and to Bonnie Bosso and the whole wonderful staff at PRiMA for making me feel so welcome.  Can’t wait to come back!