Posted on September 15, 2012 at 7:37 pm

It has been an amazing week at 54 Below with Shoshana Bean, one of my favorite singers in the entire world. (We’ve still got two shows left tonight!) And if getting to sing with Shoshana wasn’t fantastic enough, I’ve also had my tremendous band, The Caucasian Rhythm Kings, featuring Gary Sieger and Randy Landau and our newest recruit, Matt Hinkley on mandolin and acoustic guitar.

[photo by Stephen Sorokoff]

We’ve gotten rave reviews and huge sold-out houses, and more importantly, we’ve made some awesome music for some wonderful crowds, so thank you for this amazing week.

It All Fades Away
And I Will Follow (Shoshana)
Letting You Go (Shoshana)
[At some performances, Shoshana sang Still Hurting instead]
Shiksa Goddess (from The Last Five Years)
[At the late show Friday night, Matt DeAngelis came up to sing a shattering If I Didn’t Believe In You]
I Love Betsy (from Honeymoon In Vegas)
Anywhere But Here (Shoshana) (from Honeymoon In Vegas)
[On Tuesday night, master thespian Tony Danza came out to kick some ass and sing a sensational rendition of his Honeymoon In Vegas showstopper, Out of the Sun]
Another Life (Shoshana) (from The Bridges of Madison County)
Wondering (from The Bridges of Madison County)
Break Me Blues (Shoshana)
[On Friday night, we were joined by the amazing Todd Reynolds on violin]
I’d Give It All For You (JRB & Shoshana) (from Songs for a New World)
All Things In Time (Shoshana)
Caravan of Angels
Goodbye Until Tomorrow (Shoshana) (from The Last Five Years)
Someone To Fall Back On

[photo by Stephen Sorokoff]

Thanks to everyone at 54 Below, particularly Kris and KJ who handled sound and lights, and Phil Geoffrey Bond who booked me for this magical week. I’ll look forward to coming back soon!