Posted on March 12, 2011 at 3:30 am

Brisbane! Who knew? Filled a 600-seat theater at the Queensland Conservatorium with raving musical theatre nerds of all stripes, and they had themselves a party. A fantastic crowd, another really good piano (though my heart still belongs to Perth), and Rachael just blew the roof off with “One More Thing Than I Can Handle.” What a stahhh.

The set list would have been the same as Melbourne and Sydney, but the audience kept screaming once we were done and would only be soothed by a second encore, so I pulled out a chestnut from Urban Cowboy, which seemed to sate their animal appetites.

All Things In Time
I Could Be In Love With Someone Like You
Long Long Road
Stars and the Moon
(Rachael Beck)
One More Thing Than I Can Handle (Rachael Beck)
When You Say Vegas
Anywhere But Here
(Rachael Beck)
Still Hurting (Rachael Beck)
King of the World
Being A Geek

Nothing In Common
I’m Not Afraid of Anything
(Rachael Beck)
Another Life (Rachael Beck)
Wondering World premiere of a new song for “The Bridges of Madison County”
I’d Give It All For You (JRB & Rachael Beck)
The Old Red Hills of Home/Over
I Can Do Better Than That
(Rachael Beck)
Caravan of Angels
Moving Too Fast
Someone To Fall Back On

Encore: That’s How Texas Was Born

You know how to make a composer feel welcome, Brisbane. I’ll be back for more of that, I can assure you! Masterclasses in Mackay, Sydney & Adelaide, and then the final concert of the tour in Adelaide on Wednesday night. (Home stretch!)