Posted on January 31, 2011 at 10:46 am

Hoo y’all, we had some kind of party last night at Show At Barre in Los Feliz. Shane Scheel and his great staff packed the joint to don’t-tell-the-fire-marshal levels, and that crowd was rocking! I will continue in my conviction that Shoshana Bean is simply the most perfect singer in the musical theater. It is a privilege and a party every single time we get to play together. Here’s the list!

All Things In Time (Shoshana)

I Could Be In Love With Someone Like You (from Wearing Someone Else’s Clothes) (JRB)

Anywhere But Here (from Honeymoon In Vegas) (Shoshana)

King of the World (from Songs for a New World) (JRB)

Another Life (from The Bridges of Madison County) (Shoshana)

I’d Give It All For You (from Songs for a New World) (JRB & Shoshana)

When You Say Vegas (from Honeymoon In Vegas) (JRB)

Still Hurting (from The Last Five Years) (Shoshana)

The Old Red Hills of Home/Over (from Parade and Wearing Someone Else’s Clothes) (JRB)

And I Will Follow (Shoshana)

Caravan of Angels (JRB)

Goodbye Until Tomorrow (from The Last Five Years) (Shoshana)

Brand New You (from 13) (Shoshana & JRB)

Someone To Fall Back On (from Wearing Someone Else’s Clothes) (JRB)

Thanks to everyone who came out! This weekend: Huntsville, Alabama!