Posted on July 22, 2010 at 11:08 pm

Joyful greetings! A lot of firsts in this month’s update!

This weekend marks my first concert in San Francisco! (Well, San Mateo, to be precise, but close enough.) I’ll be doing a show on Saturday, July 24 at Broadway By The Bay‘s Bayside Performing Arts Center starting at 7 pm. I hope I’ll see you there – please click here for more information!

Then I’m spending next week in beautiful Fargo, North Dakota, my first time ever visiting there. The historic Fargo-Moorhead Community Theatre is producing 13 this summer, and to help them celebrate, I’ll be doing a concert on July 28th at 7 pm as well as a Q & A, and of course I’ll be attending opening night! Tickets for the concert are available here, and there’s more info on the JRB website or at the FMCT website.

There have been a lot of firsts at as well. If you haven’t heard about the brouhaha, let me catch you up quickly: I tossed off a casual blog about a teenager named Eleanor who was uploading my sheet music illegally; suddenly thousands of people were looking at it, and blogging and tweeting about it, including David Pogue in the New York Times, which led to (among other things) me being interviewed by the BBC, me having to shut down the comments on my blog because I was getting attacked by insane tech pirates, me writing my own article about the fracas for the Times, then having a final tete-a-tete with an intellectual property lawyer at Stanford University, and it’s not over yet, since I just did an interview on NPR about it yesterday that will be broadcast some time in August. So that’s my first major viral Internet controversy! Sort of fun! Sort of not!

(Also on the blog, some bloodcurdling outtakes from the Wearing Someone Else’s Clothes sessions, and a contest that no one has yet had the courage to enter!)

Lots of incredible stuff coming up in the next couple of months, including a Songs for a New World concert at Town Hall, concerts in Stuttgart and London, and a whole bunch of new shows that I’ve just started working on.

And if you care, I’m actually on Twitter! Why? Who knows! But there I am: @MrJasonRBrown, if you will. Follow me and enjoy the randomness!

See you all in San Francisco this weekend!
Jason Robert Brown