Posted on February 3, 2010 at 11:31 am


Tickets are on sale now for the next round of Jason Robert Brown concerts in New York City – I’ll be taking the stage of Birdland once again for FOUR NIGHTS, with an expanded band, fantastic singers, and a bunch of new songs from my forthcoming new album!

(When I say “forthcoming,” I don’t mean “forthcoming soon,” I just mean that I’m working on a new album, and someday before my daughter’s bat mitzvah I might finish it.)

So come catch me at Birdland, 315 W 44th St in Manhattan, on the following nights (click the link for tickets):

Sunday, March 14, at 7 pm
Tuesday, March 16, at 7 pm
Wednesday, March 17, at 7 pm
Thursday, March 18, at 7 pm

It’s gonna be a great run, and I hope you’ll be there to join us!

Jason Robert Brown