Posted on July 14, 2009 at 10:22 pm

Last weekend, I went to Montana for the first time, as a guest of the Missoula Children’s Theater, an organization which turns out to be pretty astounding. (Check this page out to read about the amazing stuff they do.) This summer, MCT is hosting their first Musical Theater intensive course, called Next Step Prep, and they invited me to come work with their students. I had a wonderful time, saw some fantastic scenery, worked with some delightfully talented kids, ate some good salmon, and I hope they’ll invite me back next year.

Here’s a blog entry about my first rehearsal with the kids, and here’s one about a master class I gave on my last day. (You can also keep clicking through that blog to read about some of the other great people who are working with the kids this summer.) Thanks to Jim, Greg, Lizzie and everyone else who made it such a great trip.

This week, Making It On Broadway’s Los Angeles intensive, and then I’m off to French Woods to work on “13”… again!