Posted on January 23, 2008 at 2:38 pm

You’ve been asking lots of good questions, so I’ve been sending emails, calling, dropping by unannounced, anything I can do to get some confirmation of the rumors I’m hearing about what I’m doing in 2008. Unfortunately, I can’t get me to return a phone call, and I haven’t written myself back. No one else is willing to talk on the record either, so the stories below will just have to be considered unsubstantiated gossip until such time as I can corner myself and get me to ‘fess up.

“13”: Well, if word on the street is to be believed, there’s a whole mess of excitement going on with this new show. I’m hearing that there’s a new director, Jeremy Sams, who’s brought on board a whole slate of new designers and an exciting new choreographer (could it be the guy from that Christian boy-band musical? No one’s talking!). A reading was just held in New York (I snuck in and saw the amazing cast), and word is that the show will be opening at a regional theater in the Northeast this spring prior to a Broadway bow in the fall!

Honeymoon In Vegas: A top-secret reading of this new show by me and Andrew Bergman took place last July in Manhattan, starring Norbert Leo Butz, Lauren Kennedy and Terrence Mann. Our spies were there, and they report it was a smash hit. A major Broadway producer is said to be negotiating even now for the rights to present the show on Broadway in 2009! Is it true? Only I know for sure, and I can’t be reached for comment!

JRB in Concert: Sure, there are two concert dates for the Caucasian Rhythm Kings listed in May as part of the Festival of New American Musicals, but otherwise, seems like JRB’s gone into hiding. My sources hear different: apparently, I will be doing a concert at Birdland on March 17. No one at the club will confirm or deny the story! When I bumped into me in the bathroom this morning, I refused to discuss the matter at all. Suspicious! What am I hiding?

Parade Returns to the U.S.: Surely after all the excitement caused by Rob Ashford’s thrilling production of Parade at London’s Donmar Warehouse, U.S. audiences can expect this groundbreaking show to make its way across the pond. Though a representative from my office issued a terse “We have no statement at this time,” I’m hearing that a major American regional theater will be bringing that production to their stage in 2009. I’m said to be very excited about this new development, but repeated inquiries went unanswered!

Kennedy Center Project: The Internet’s been tingling with rumors that I’m writing a new concert piece with Pulitzer-winning playwright Marsha Norman to be premiered this Christmas at the Kennedy Center. But is it adapted from a legendary and beloved children’s book, or is it an oratorio based on the memoirs of Lance Bass? Them lips are sealed! With those two crazy authors, it’s sure to be controversial!

Whatever happens, it sure sounds like an exciting year for me! Since I have to follow JRB around the country, it’d be great if I could get my calendar straightened out! Let’s hope someone shows up soon who can set the record straight!