Posted on February 12, 2007 at 4:07 pm

Or at least Stephen Holden does.

Julien Jourdes, the photographer from the New York Times, also took this photograph and posted it on his blog. (I know I should have made it smaller for this page, but it’s too beautiful to shrink down.)

It was a very emotional and draining concert. Benanti sang gorgeously, and Rozz was unbelievable at bringing “Stars and the Moon” and “Mr. Hopalong Heartbreak” to life in a very new way. We all sang “Hear My Song” at the end, which I dedicated to all of us onstage who had lost a loved one in the past year, a dedication which included myself, Rozz, Randy, and a number of people in the audience and the choir.

It was also a blast to sing with the Juilliard Choral Union – I brought them into the Wall-To-Wall Sondheim thing two years ago and had a wonderful time working with Judy Clurman, the conductor, so we decided to try bringing them on board for this concert at the Allen Room. It was truly gratifying to see all these classically trained musicians having the time of their lives gettin’ funky with the Caucasian Rhythm Kings. Also, as I mentioned at the show, there’s nothing more satisfying than knowing that twenty years after Juilliard rejected my application, their choir is singing backup for me.

I’ll be back in New York in April for Birdland (April 4-8), and then we start putting together the Strathmore “Songs for a New World” concert. I was just at Strathmore yesterday, and oh my God, that venue. It’s an amazing hall. We’re going to make sure we fill it with some awesome noise.