Posted on May 26, 2006 at 2:13 pm

I’ve known John Bucchino since 1992, when I first saw him do a concert at Eighty-Eight’s in the Village. Then as now, I was struck by the rich musicality, the vivid imagery, and the warm humanity of his work. (I sound like such a P.R. guy, but it’s true.) Earlier this year, Daisy Prince directed a revue of John’s stuff at Lincoln Center entitled “It’s Only Life,” and they asked me to write two of the vocal arrangements. (I was sort of the logical pick since I knew the singers’ voices intimately: the entire original cast of “Songs for a New World” plus the magnificent Gavin Creel.) Now you can hear those arrangements (and the rest of the show as well) on the new PS Classics CD, “It’s Only Life.” It’s a great disc and the best representation I’ve heard so far of John’s fantastic songs, with five amazing singers and John’s own gorgeous piano-playing. Find out more here.